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MarkRanc Medical Content Writing

At MarkRanc, we offer a wide range of integrated medical marketing and communication services. We have a history of working with our partners like MYSense which specializes in the health and pharmaceutical industry in preparing their marketing tools, documents and scientific materials.

Our team of writers are highly educated and qualified writers with vast experience of medical writing. We have a team of native English speaking writers who can write your medical slides to perfection.
We have a team of talented, creative and dedicated medical professionals who are well versed with the subject matter and can provide you with the best quality content at an affordable price. 
We provide high-quality Medical Content Writing at reasonable prices.



Website Development

Social Media Marketing

Medical Content Writing

Medical Content Writing

Website Content

It may seem simple to create content for a website, but it can be challenging to match it with your marketing objectives. Our copywriters are adept at creating material that is keyword-rich and captivating messages that capture the essence of your website, giving you the necessary boost.

Company Profile

The best chance you have to impress potential clients and stakeholders is to introduce your business in the best possible terms. As a branding business in Malaysia, we also provide excellent medical copywriting services, making it simple for you to win people over with phrases that are at their eye level and appeal to their preferences.

Medical Content Marketing

Each and every business requires a top-notch content marketing strategy, especially if you want to grow your brand online. Our team of copywriting specialists and marketing experts work together to create a content marketing plan that will inspire your audience.

Brand Storytelling

When you don’t have a tale to tell in the first place, it might be difficult to embrace the words through storytelling to connect with your clients. One of the top branding agencies in Malaysia, we are a group of talented storytellers who can effortlessly increase customer engagement with your business.

Presentation slides

The most reputable presentation design firm in the globe can create your presentation. Unlike other design firms, we assist thousands of consumers and entire teams at businesses every year because we are committed to giving best-in-class presentation design.

Your presentation is in good hands with 5-star reviews, a 48-hour turnaround, straightforward pricing, and a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Why Is Copywriting As Important As Web Design?

A combination of creativity, design, and the capacity to use powerful healthcare related words in the appropriate context are required for copywriting in MarkRanc. When creating a website, the value of applying rich content is frequently overlooked. Let’s not forget how equally strong content may be as the designs of a webpage, despite the fact that you may fill your website designs with eye-catching colours and images.

Great Design, Bad Content

It is common for designers to focus on the overall aesthetics of a website because they were programmed to do so. However, ignoring a rich copy can have disastrous consequences. Especially for healthcare content that necessitates professional language. While a great web design holds your user’s attention for the first few seconds, it is the content that keeps them coming back for more. You’ll want your reader to get the impression that your company can sell their services through the use of words. Great design must be accompanied by great content, as this reflects your company’s overall image.

The Images Attract, But the Headline Hooks

As a pakar SEO agency, we are aware of the common issue that most Malaysian websites face. A website with a slew of images organized in an appealing line can pique a user’s interest and entice them to explore further. But having a headline that captures their attention in a few seconds sells even better. The impact of having a powerful headline is significant enough to increase visitor traffic because the words are written in an emotional form that your users can relate to.

Quality Content For Better SEO Success

SEO is a critical tool for any business launching a website. Getting your website optimized can include using Google-friendly images, but having quality content embedded in your website takes the cake in terms of bringing more visitor traffic to your website. Good content not only provides an interesting read for your visitors, but it also informs major search engines about what your page is about. The less content-rich your copy is, the lower your chances of rising through the ranks. As an online marketing Malaysia company, we are eager to assist you with this particular aspect.


Products and Services Details

As a Malaysian SEO agency, we understand how it feels when an appealing image of a product appears in front of our eyes. Even so, when selling a product or service online, having specifics about what you offer is critical in the digital market space. Once you’ve captured your reader’s attention, converting them into potential customers is dependent on descriptions written in captivating, emotional language. You would be surprised at how quickly words can sell what you have.


Brand/Company Positioning

With an About Us page that depicts your business and company in fascinating detail, you can show your reader that you know what you’re doing. It is critical that you allow your visitors to learn more about you. Without a strong brand or company positioning, an online business can easily cause discomfort and reduce trust between you and your reader. Creating a positioning strategy that includes statements demonstrating your expertise in your field can have a significant impact on your reader’s perception of your company and brand.